In our previous video, Coach Meg Hopkins and I took you through the steps to Shouldering your Ultimate Sandbag like a champ.

The Shoulder Hold position is a used in 2 of the DVRT Big 6 movements: the Shoulder Sprinter Squat and the Half Kneeling Arc Press.

In this video, we guide you to Shoulder Sprinter Squat domination.

Take into account that this is an advanced movement. In the DVRT (Dynamic Variable Resistance Training) System we challenge movement in all planes of motion.

The focus is on challenging movement patterns in many ways. Though load is a big part of our system, body and holding positions are more vital.

For a lower body lift, we'll begin with adjusting holding position from most to least stable. For example:

Bear Hug Squat - Front Load Squat - Shoulder Squat

As we build proficiency, we can then alter the body position.

That's what leads us to the Shoulder Sprinter Squat. The Shoulder Position puts an asymmetrical load on the person causing the body to fight frontal and transverse plane compensations.

The Sprinter Stance creates a less stable connection to the floor and levels up the challenges listed above.

These are a personal favorite of mine.

Give the video a watch and let us know what you think