COACH FURY PODCAST - EP87 Rob Aguero-Hoffman


Taking direct steps toward actualizing a dream is terrifying. You try to come to terms with the risk and unknown, but it’s there. How well we cope with that fear is what defines us to a big degree.

Rob Aguero-Hoffman (Lift Positive Fitness, Strength Faction Vet) and I open up on the overwhelming fear we felt in opening our businesses.

Knowing that I was not alone in my fear and that Rob was seeing the light on the other side of the terror had a massive impact on me. Listen to hear how he helped himself and yours truly to venture forward.

This one’s worth the listen in any field.

You can learn more about Rob, Lift Positive Fitness and Strength Faction at: 
Website: www.liftpositivefitness.com and www.strengthfaction.com 
Instagram: @liftpositivefitness

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