As if getting to see The Crow on a big screen again wasn't enough, I won this Super 7 Eric Daven figure in the raffle. 

Most know I'm a big movie geek, many don't know that I went to NYU wanting to make martial arts films. 

Though I obviously have a ton of respect for Bruce Lee, I was a Brandon Lee fan. I remember seeing Showdown in Little Tokyo and getting caught by how Brandon stood out. 

Rapid Fire is a great film in terms of Brandon's performance and the Jackie Chan inspired fight choreography. Plus, Red Dawn made me a Powers Boothe fan for life. 

Next up was The Crow. 

As a comic book geek and martial arts fanboy, I couldn't believe this film was being made at all. 

And then the news hit that Brandon was accidentally killed with a prop gun. My nerd heart was pretty crushed.

My friends and I got to opening night super early so we could get the perfect seats. (No reserved seats back then). 

Damn. This film was/is magic. 

Brandon is amazing. 

Best of all, 25 years later, it still holds up. 

Huge thanks to Nitehawk Cinema - Prospect Park and Culture Canon Presents for hosting the screening. 

I had a great time hanging out with Nick, Sandy and my wife Kim.

The figure is proudly displayed at Fury Industries.