I made my debut on the Strength Faction’s Kick A@# Podcast. Todd Bumgardner and I had a great chat. Check it out below!


Hey There!

We have some great weekend listening for you!

The newest episode of The Faction's Kick A@# podcast is out on SoundCloud, and Stitcher...(If you already subscribed on iTunes back in the day you'll still get it, too. But for some reason they aren't sending out our new episodes. We're working on getting it fixed.) Coach Fury and Todd talk about Steve's journey of going out on his own and training people out of his home--trials, tribulations, and triumphs. They also wax poetic on a lot of different topics. It's a fun one. (Disclaimer: Todd had to record this one at the gym, so there's a little background noise that creeps in.)

Here' the SoundCloud Link:

Podcast Episode 44

And we can't share the Stitcher link, but if you don't have Stitcher yet (it's pretty sweet) here's a link to get you set up with it:


Once you get set up on Stitcher, just search for The Faction's Kick A@# Podcast and subscribe and you'll be all set. 

You Rule!
Chris, Mike, and Todd 
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