Hey friends,

I have admittedly been struggling with the amount and potential over importance of social media in my professional life. *Anyone listening to the Coach Fury Podcast is very aware of this.

While I will certainly continue to create videos and blogs to help in areas I perceive a need for, I am taking action and will be spending much less time on social media. I'll be deleting FB from my phone and only checking in 2-3 specific times a day (instead of what feels like a 1,000).

I will also be drawing a more defined line between my personal account and my business pages.

Please like and follow https://www.facebook.com/coachfury/ to stay on top of my latest fitness and course info. I will not be sharing it on my personal account as I have in the past.
By all means, let me know if there's a topic you would like me to write or talk about. It's way more rewarding answering a question than demonstrating a potential problem.

Feel free to message or email( coachfury@gmail.com) me as normal. I'm still here for you.
It's time to place more emphasis and mental energy on actually training people and less about "generating content" for what I am growing to believe is a largely false perception on return of investment.

The Coach Fury Podcast will continue as normal because I love doing it and have grown immensely from the conversations I have with my guests. This post is a direct example of that.

My hopes are for less distractions from my family and friends, an increase in actual conversations and more beneficial info when I do write or put out a video.