The kettlebell snatch is a staple of the RKC and SFG hardstyle kettlebell world. A common area of struggle is learning to shorten the arc of the bell on the way down and to not over grip the bell handle. 

Fury Crew hero Cailtin Lavelle (@lavelleyogafit) was dealing with both of those items as she prepares for her RKC cert. Caitlin asked if there was something other than a kettlebell that could help her feel what she should be experiencing.

Enter DVRT and the Ultimate Sandbag (USB). 

The Ultimate Sandbag Snatch is similar in many ways to it's iron brother in terms of grip, arc, deceleration and flow. The big difference is that the USB goes back to the floor and not between the legs. It is way more intuitive to shorten the arc of the USB. 

Practice some reps with the USB to get a feel for the shortened path and then go back to the kettlebell to see the rewards. 

Remember it's not just about the implements you use. It's about having a systematic approach to problem solve and progress your training. This was a big win for Caitlin who is already well on her way to crushing her RKC Kettlebell Certification.