As a Coach, it's easy to fall into the habit of speaking only to how we help the people we train. Helping people is definitely a core value but our "virtue" makes the student/teacher relationship seem one sidedly altruistic. That's false.

The simple fact of the matter is that the people we train help us as well. Sure, there's a financial aspect to it. Our clients, students, members allow us to pay the bills doing while doing what we love.

My relationships with the "Fury Crew" have had an impact on me that is both large in scope and deeper than my helping them lose some pounds and swing kettlebells. The great thing about training people is that we get exposed to a wide array of personalities, expertise and perspectives. It is easy for me to get hyper focused on training, programming and Star Wars. Those items alone lead to a pretty insular world view. The Fury Crew helps fill in the blanks and expand my awareness on the things I may be missing. They help me grow. 

My student, turned friend, turned confidant Patrick Daley was one of those people that enriched my life in more significant ways than he'd ever know. While Patrick wasn't old, he did defy what many would see as limitations in his age range. He had a hell of a get-up, deadlift and bench press. My time with Patrick helped crystalize the groundwork of my Live long. Be strong. Die Mighty philosophy. 


When I was considering my options between the RKC and Strongfirst (a big deal for me at the time), Patrick provided a way to chart out the pros and cons on both a practical and personal level. It's a problem solving framework I still use today. 

After leaving one facility, Patrick defended me when someone would try to talk crap. He didn't fall into the normal potholes we can trip into in those situations. He was a stand up guy. 

As someone that worked at Scholastic Publishing, Patrick would read every blog and provide corrections, advice and ideas. His words are heard every time I write. 

On February 5, 2016, as I was about to teach my first OS/DVRT: Dynamic Strength workshop, I received word that Patrick had passed away. 

Patrick was honest,  fun, bright, generous, charming and handsome as fuck.

He was a friend. 

He'll never know how much he helped me, or how much I still think of him. 

To the Fury Crew past and present, 

Please know that you have had a positive impact on me. I am a better person for your involvement in my life. This isn't a one sided deal. 

I am grateful for you. 


For Patrick, his husband Daryl and sister Mary.