When I met Paul Taras Wolkowinski (Indian Clubs International, Mace/Gada Hero) this year, I was instantly impressed by his skill, strength and teaching style.


I had a great time getting to know Paul as we discussed how he discovered Indian Club and Mace training, using Indian Clubs to stay strong during his battle with prostate cancer, launching Indian Clubs International with previous Coach Fury Podcast guest Kelly Manzone and future guest Kevin Rail and more.


There’s a special bond between people involved with Indian Clubs. Regardless of what groups you’re involved with, we all have the simple goals of getting clubs in people’s hands and keeping the history and art alive.


You can get more info about Paul and Indian Clubs International at www.indianclubs.au, Instagram: www.instagram.com/wolkowinksi and Facebook: www.facebook.com/wolkowinski.


Paul also has an intro to Indian Clubs Program available at www.indianclubsacademy.comand a wonderful YouTube station at www.youtube.com/user/taraswolkowinski.


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