I'm fortunate to travel to teach. At least once a year, that will include an 18-24 hour travel day from the moment I leave one spot and arrive at my destination. For the flight themselves, I'll try to sleep, watch movies, get up to use the bathroom and have a whiskey or two. Admittedly, your options are limited on the flight. And oh yeah, Fury always flies economy singing "Fat guy in a little coat" in my seat.

What I continually struggle to comprehend is how people, knowing they have a 14-16 hour flight ahead of them, will slump in crap chairs at the gate. My back and ass cheeks ache at the idea.

In addition to walking around the aiport, here's an example of a movement break I'll do 1-3 times before boarding.

Yes, I'm the weird guy on the floor. It's even weirder in Tokyo where this video was shot because tattoos are still hella taboo with a Yakuza stigma.

This flow targets what I know my seat will limit me with on the flight. Internal rotation of the hips, external rotation of the shoulders, thoracic and lumbar extension plus decreasing any sympathetic tone.

**Please note that I immediately go and wash my hands and forearms. Cuz, you know, airport floors are gross but movement's worth it.

Give it a shot the next time you have a long (or any) flight or drive.