The last 2 weeks were both breathtaking and a blur. I taught the first RKC Kettlebell Certification, the second OS Pressing Reset Workshop and my new Indian Club Workshop in Japan.

Then I flew to Taiwan with Travis Johnson to teach the first two back to back OS Pressing Reset Courses there.

All 5 courses were sold out with bright and open minded Trainers, Clinicians and fitness enthusiasts.

The use of the "I" is misleading as these things never happen alone or in a bubble. This would not have been possible with out Travis and Kaori Tani from Kinetikos Lab in Tokyo. They are not only friends and fellow DVRT Master Instructors, they are family. For 3 years in a row they haven't made my dreams come true... they exceeded them.

Kaori has done an outstanding job translating a total of 7 courses with me. That's a lot of listening to me speak. Thanks (and I apologize).

Special shout outs to the rest of the Kinetikos team Taizo Omuro and Keisuke Kagawa for all their work behind the scenes.

High fives to Makoto Iwakiri for allowing us to use his facility for the 3rd time (and the great Son of Godzilla DVD set) and Aruga Sensei for holding the RKC at Teikyo University of Science.

I met Vicky Hung at last year's Tokyo OS course and couldn't wait for the chance to teach in Taiwan. Vicky is rockstar and did an amazing job translating and taking amazing care of Travis and I. Her insights on the Taiwan fitness perspective allowed us to fine tune delivery in a unique way. I learned a lot from her.

Her husband Hung Power, Doris Liu and Gail and crew at Believe Training Center are super and the whole 2 days ran perfectly. Not too mention the great food and two fantastic gifts they got me. Massive thanks to my new extended family and friends in Taipei!

Of course, I have to thank John Du Cane, Tim Anderson, Dani Almeyda, Jessica Bento and Josh Henkin for providing me the opportunity to teach these systems I believe in. I had no idea any of this was possible when I decided to help people get strong 8 years ago.

Finally, thanks to all of the attendees and new friends I've made. Traveling and teaching among so many people allows me to return home with a fresh perspective on things. Even though communication can be rough to non-existent due to the language barrier, I am grateful to simply be in your company.

I'm looking forward to coming back to Taiwan in December and am excited to return to both countries in 2019.

*You can hear all about my trip on ep61 of the Coach Fury Podcast.


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