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When I'm asked how I got my roles in DVRT, Original Strength, the RKC and Strength Faction, my advice is always 2 things:

1. Application - Take the time to practice, experiment and experience what you learned after a course. Spend weeks, months or years trying to get your ahead around not only the techniques, but the system that incorporates them. This will ultimately allow you to program, troubleshoot, coach and modify as needed.

2. Assisting - So much goes on during a 1-3 day course that it would be ridiculous to think you'll retain it all. Even if you could, perhaps your form and understanding of the material diminish over time because you got stuck practicing in a bubble with no one to bounce ideas off of.

Assisting allows you to review the material, get your own struggle points worked on, see the course through a different perspective, meet people, stay sharp and help other coaches.

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Even if these two action steps don't land you leadership roles, I'd bet they help make you a damn fine coach. Which IS the important thing in the first place.

Regardless of my titles, I still focus on those two items. Application and Assisting. Last weekend I got to assist Josh Henkin (alongside Michele Meinville Decerio and James Newman) again. As always, I learned something new, smoothed some rough edges and am a better coach for it.

Big thanks to Josh, Jessica Bento for the continued guidance, opportunities and friendship.

Thanks to Kelvin Gary for being such a great host and supporter of DVRT.

Of course, big high fives to all of the attendees for bringing so much mindfulness, positivity and excitement to the courses.

*If there's a third thing I did to get where I am, it would be helping the programs by creating tips, videos and ideas. (See what I did here).