Knowing that I'm a former film major, my good friend and Die Mighty Online badass Andrea "Dropkick" Dilizia had asked me how I stay creative. It's an awesome question because I think we can all agree that we loose our creative spark at times. Unexpectedly, the question brought me to the realization that creativity and inspiration are one and the same for me. Inspiration TO DO stuff is the same has having the creativity TO MAKE stuff. Sure, there may be different processes from point A to B but inherently inspiration and creativity are intrinsically linked. 

I do my best, and often struggle, to put the same level of creativity in my fitness blogs and programming as I do my screenwriting or directing. The only big divide is that I have to work in safe science based parameters in fitness so Fury's Training Heroes get results and not broken in the gym. The cool thing about being creative in my fitness life is that I get to see the amazing outcomes!


Andrea's success has inspired the hell out of me! It also pushes me to be more creative and thoughtful than ever when writing programs and creating content. 

Now back to Andrea's initial question, how do I stay creative?

If I need some creative inspiration, I'll revisit a band that I loved but haven't listened to in long time. There has been a lot of Anthrax, OFF! and D.R.I. in my life lately. Movies work the same way for me. I can marvel and get pumped at the direction in a movie the same way music drives me. 

I'll also look for some new music or movie to blow my mind. 

The one constant when I get in a slump is my skateboard. Over the last few years, I haven't ridden it nearly enough (and it shows in my current level of ability) but I've been changing that. To this day, 32 years later after I got my first board, I still get amped to skate. I also can't believe how many amazing skateparks we have now. Skaters view the world very differently than most. We see kickflips or boardslides where everyone else see stairs. I try to keep that curiosity going in all I do. 

What I don't think anyone realizes is much creativity I draw from FURY'S HEROES and the wonderful course attendees I have the honor to work with! These are the  amazing people I get to train, coach, teach and learn from. Helping them and the friendship that arise from what we do is what keeps me in this. The results, struggles, victories, failures and different perspectives we all bring to out training (and life) inspires me to no end. This blog only exists because of Andrea. 

With the courses, it's hard not to get fired up surrounded by people trying to better themselves so they can better others.

Of course, my wife Kim and the kids provide fire. Let's face it, they ARE THE FIRE!

Let me know what fires you up!