Shortly after leaving Mark Fisher Fitness, I was doing a kettlebell Get-up and as I was about to stand I safely but abruptly dropped the bell

A few days later, I bought coffee and noticed that my hand was shaking and I couldn't get it to stop. 

A week later I went to do a military press and noticed my legs were shaking. 

WTF. I finally called the doctor. I have my family to think about. 

My physical showed me in excellent and the doctor couldn't figure out why I was experiencing tremors. She sent me to an Neurologist and an Endocrinologist. 

After my brain scan showed nothing, my Doc diagnosed me as having Essential Tremors. I had simply thought I fried my central nervous system with the work leading to my end at MFF. That was not the case.

No one knows what causes ET, it's usually hereditary and may make you feel awkward socially due to shaking. The Doctor said this so nonchalantly, that I of course went home and did my own research. Essential Tremors are the most common movement disorder in the world. Though they can appear at any time, to anyone, they are usually hereditary and appear in our 40-50s.

Great! I turn 45 this year. I don't want to shake uncontrollably. Damn. Things got dark. . 

These tremors are most common in the hands and head but can also hit your voice. If you saw the actress Katherine Hepburn in her later years, that shaking was Essential Tremors. 

Photo from Hello Magazine.

Photo from Hello Magazine.

There are not a lot of things you can do for ET. Certain medicines may help, breathing and yoga are suggested. There are surgical options as well but I got to freaked to even think about that. As depression started to set in I came to one huge realization...

The fitness systems I teach for can help this!

1. By Pressing Reset on my central nervous system with Original Strength, i can offset the effects and enhance my neural plasticity.

2. I can improve my strength and movement qualities in all planes of motion with DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training.

3. With RKC Kettlebell Training I can improve my ability to not only maximize tension, but to maximize the release of that tension. 

4. The gang at Strength Faction can help me find new way to put it all together and offers an expanded group of awesome coaches I can reach out to. 

So, HELL YEAH! I got this.

Or do I.

Two weeks later, my blood work arrives and shows that I likely don't have Essential Tremors I have thyroid issue. Grave's Disease, an autoimmune disease, causes hyperthyroidism. Symptoms include rapid weight loss, cardiovascular issues, potentially bulging eyes and, you guessed it, tremors. I'm on medicine now to treat it. Later options are a radioactive iodine pill or surgery. I am super confident that the medicine Tapazole will get me on track. I got this.

Two weeks ago I knew nothing about these ailments. 

These are good things though. Deep down I believe that I can help people with these issues. The break through I had with Essential Tremors still stands for Grave's. Awareness makes things less scary for me and hopefully others. After letting some of my friends know about this, I found out my dear friend and OS co-founder Dani Almeyda has Grave's too. We had almost the exact same symptoms. 

Where am I going and why am I sharing?

I will not lie, this has been a dark month. I've done some awesome things since this started but the coming to grips with Essential Tremors and potential thyroid surgery weighed heavy on me. 

Now that I have clarity on my situation, I see this as a bright shining light to help people with these conditions. 

People like me. 

I will continue doing research, writing and beginning to put a workshop in place based on my findings, resources and training adjustments.

Please reach out for any questions, comments or concerns.

I am here for you.