We all need our own lighthouse when we get lost and things go dark. 

When I went through my divorce there were only two things that kept me moving forward. My daughter and my son. With my home, career and a ton of friends gone in what felt like seconds, my only remaining source of direction was my kids. They needed me. I needed them more at that time. 


I would never have predicted the turns my life would take over the last 7 years. Full-time trainer? HAHAHAHA! Travel the world to teach! Get the F' out of here! Remarried? You're crazy!

Yesterday was not only my 10th Father's Day, it was the 5 year anniversary of my first date with Kim. While I still struggle at times, like we ALL do, I can also take a breath and be extremely grateful for all I have in my world right now.

Focus brings simplicity. I find simplicity to be a way less stressful state of being. I can turn on my favorite Anthrax album (Spreading The Disease) or hop on my skateboard to stay on track now. Smaller lighthouses for a calmer Fury. Since going out on my own, I get to spend a LOT more time Kim and the kids. My lighthouses are close and current. I am not lost.  

It would have been easy to give up in those darker times, but I would not be where I am now if did. I'd have more money and likely own that Dodge Challenger I want, but I know I wouldn't be happy. Not the way I am now. 

We all get lost. We do. Find your lighthouse. Your light. It doesn't have to be kids. It can be family, friends, a partner, a lover, a favorite band, comic book or movie. Find something you love that motivates and inspires. Follow that light back home and beyond.

I'm here for you.