THE ROUGH LANE will get you there

In New York City, our bike lanes are usually the most hazardous, pothole ridden and rough patches of pavement the city has to offer. Terrain aside, we still follow them to get where we want to go. 

Life is like that. Often the path we choose, or want to choose, is extremely hazardous as well. It feels like everything in the world is working against you to keep you from being who you want to be. Don't let the fear of what lies ahead stop you from finding your lane. You're own way. 

You will hit hard patches and rough terrain. YOU WILL STRUGGLE. You must stay in the lane and on your path because that is where you want to go. Better yet, that's where you NEED to go. That is your best life ahead. We need to learn to thrive and grow through adversity. Not crumble and whither.

I left a six figure job when I became a Coach. My marriage ended shortly after. I gave strong consideration to going back to my previous life in Visual Effects on many occasions those early years. I missed the money and the consistency. The safety. I wanted to a smoother lane. However, deep down I knew that it was not my journey.

Last weekend, I celebrated my third year in the RKC leadership by teaching an RKC Level 2 kettlebell certification. This was the same type of certification that I failed a press on 6 years ago. It was that failure that led to my first article for Dragon Door. I've directly and indirectly made some of my closest friends from that article. My failure. The rough patch in my lane. 

Despite the troubles, I stay in the lane. The direction my life follows is a good one. 

How will you handle your life's potholes?