Do you ever feel overwhelmed by life? Not just by where you are but where you want to be? It is easy for things to seem big and unattainable. Walls instead of stairs. 

I’m in Austin, Texas as I write this. This weekend I taught two DVRT Ultimate Sandbag certifications. In DVRT, we have a strength test that requires attendees to clean and push press a 40-100 pound Ultimate Sandbag 40-50 times based on gender and bodyweight in 5 minutes. This is a hard test and people are often overwhelmed by it at the start. 40 Reps with an 80 pounds USB in only 5 minutes! Yeah, it does seem insane.

Until you break it down into smaller pieces.

40 reps in 5 minutes equals 8 reps a minute. That doesn’t sound as bad. Now let’s actually train for it. Perhaps we start at 5 reps a minute for the 5 rounds. Maybe we add a rep on every minute each month.  That brings us to the test in only 3 months.

Can’t we break down every obstacle or goal in life into smaller pieces? Sure it won’t be easy and it will likely take longer but it will happen. You’ll get there because you are moving forward on small step at a time. Let's take out action steps to glory and not get stuck behind a giant wall of regret. 

You’ll be stronger for it.