Who do you give for? 

I just had an incredible weekend with my family and I realize that I give for them. That is my purpose in life. I give for them to be happy and have opportunity, I also give for the people I train and teach. I strive to be better so I can give more. I want to leave others with the ability to be the version of themselves they want to see in the mirror. As coaches and humans, we can make small ripples that lead to amazing things. 


I give now where I used to take. While I always viewed myself as a nice guy, I look at where I'm at now and can see where I was selfish in the past. I think we all get caught up in ourselves. Whether its friends, family, lovers or coworkers, it is easy to focus on what you're getting out of a situation/relationship. We should be focusing on what we are giving. 

This world we be a dramatically different place if we gave more. Instead, we tend to take and take and take. We may not need to take on the world but perhaps we can start being better family members, friends and neighbors. 

I am so very grateful for the people my kids are growing into and for my incredible wife Kim. This weekend reminded me that my purpose is to give for them.

Who do you give for?