I have never been a car guy. However, in the last few years I’ve fallen in love with the updated Dodge Challenger. The Challenger’s got this awesome style that is a throwback to the muscles cars that were around when I was a kid.

I am SURE that my love for the Fast And The Furious films and most things Vin Diesel has had a huge impact on my wanting this car.

Kim and I would look hot in a Challenger.

Dom and Letty.


Last Thursday I got so excited about possibly owning this mean machine that I went online to find out what monthly payments would be if I leased one. $283 per monthl. Doable if I hustle. I got fired up like I found a rare half priced Godzilla toy.

As I pondered talking to Kim about buying my dream car, I came to some big realization.

1.    I’ll need to pay for our upcoming wedding.

2.    I have debt that I want to pay off.

3.    I already have joint custody of a perfectly good used Honda CRV.

This is a pattern for me. I get caught up in NEEDING to buy something I DON’T need at all.

I rush to buy the DREAM thing only to have buyer’s remorse moments later. Then I go and beat myself up over it.

How often do you make an impulse purchases thinking your fulfilling one goal only to realize you are pushing back a bigger dream?

What’s worse is that we often make ourselves feel like shit for not being able to buy what we want.

I wish I had more money!

Why can’t I have a car like her?

I’ll never being able to get that!

Our self-esteem should not be tied to things we own or how much we make. We should gauge our successes on our interactions and accomplishments. Buying a fancy car does not give you a better life.

It’s time to stop stressing over the things we want to buy,

One day, I will own a Challenger. It’s a goal for sure. However, I will buy it when it is not going to have a negative impact on something else. It’s ok to want things as long as we don’t stress out about them.

Be patient and prepare yourself for the long haul.