This week's film is Hal Hartley's Trust. Released in 1990, Trust is Hal Hartley's second feature film. Hal had a big influence on me in film school both from a style standpoint and that he was also from Long Island, NY. He gave me hope that folks from LI could make cool movies. Aside from it being perfect from start to finish, I chose Trust because it is Hal's first film with longtime collaborator Martin Donovan and had Adrienne Shelly in it. These two have stellar chemistry in this film. If you've seen many Hal Hartley films, you know that the performances are deliberately stylized. While this may turn some off, I find it to really punch up Hal's shooting style and sense of humor. In Trust, Adrienne Shelly has just been kicked out of high school while pregnant. Martin has just been fired/quit from his computer assembly gig. Adrienne and Martin both have serious family issues. Things explode when they meet. On the surface, the storyline of Trust is very simple. However, Hal's script and the cast bring a much deeper subtext to notions of family, growing up, conforming and struggling to be idealistic. Sadly, Adrienne Shelly was murdered in 2006. Her last film was Waitress which she wrote, directed and performed in. Waitress came out to great praise. With a version of Waitress on Broadway, Adrienne Shelly is still relevant. Check out Trust if you want to see her early greatness. Please subscribe to www.coachfury.com for more Films of Fury and fitness related glory! Thanks. -Fury