Why is it so easy to see our faults yet so hard to see our strengths? For all the good about us, more often than not, we get lost on what's wrong. We pay little attention on what's right. We need to reevaluate our situation when our self doubt surpasses out self worth.  

Who do you see when you look in the mirror? Is this person who you want to be? If not, why?

Our low self opinion can be caused by many things.

Comparing ourselves to others. Consumerism. Fear. Resistance.

All are self limiting factors in finding our own glory. We see the bad in us, when we should embrace the good. 

"Low Self Opinion" -Rollins Band

"Low Self Opinion" -Rollins Band

Our own self view is usually laced with enough negativity that we can't forge an honest idea on how others perceive us. Life would be different if we could only see the good others see in us. Take a moment and realize the people you compare yourself to likely live wth the same self doubt as you. 

Here are some action steps:

Stop comparing yourself to others. Allow yourself to be yourself.

Don't let fear rule you. Fear can help us from playing on train tracks but it can also hold us back. Fear, also known as resistance, is the voice that stops us from living up to our fullest potential.  

Stop worrying about things. We get so caught up in wanting the newest phone, the hottest car, the coolest Godzilla figure (yeah, this affects me too). 

START LOOKING AT THE GOOD IN YOU! Take 2 minutes a day to reflect on your strengths and bright spots. You have them. They are there.

Embrace and rejoice them. They are you.