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In March through May, Tremors (we now know were Grave's Disease related) robbed me of my strength and my bodyweight began to fluctuate wildly. Suddenly, I went from a cold 44kg (97lb) press to a death match with 20kg (44lb) for 3 reps. I deeply feared that I had lost my physical strength. I've had to significantly adjust my training since the diagnosis. In Die Mighty fashion, I began to set some strength goals for my birthday. I am very happy with the outcome. We will all face roadblocks, set backs and detours. It's how we stay on the journey that counts. 5 months since that fight with the 20kg press, I present the return of the 44kg press per side and a 40kg (88lb) strict press for 5 per side (This may be a PR. Pretty sure I've only done 5 with cleans in between each rep). Get it... 40 for 5. My strength is less about me. It's for my family. Reclaiming these small goals is huge for me. Rise above! -Fury #diemighty