My training isn’t based on trends. When something interests me, I’ll spend the time to investigate, learn, study and do my best to master it before I share with others. I want to be sure my methods are safe, effective and work. For those reasons, it has been no secret that Original Strength, DVRT (Dynamic Variable Resistance Training) and Ultimate Sandbags play a huge role in my life as professional fitness enthusiast and coach. As an instructor for both systems, I’ve had the fortunate and unique opportunity to travel and teach both OS and DVRT workshops and certifications. Each time I teach one of these courses, the ways in which OS and DVRT connect and strengthen each other become clearer. Now with my new workshop I get to share those connections with you. It is my pleasure to introduce to you the OS/DVRT: DYNAMIC STRENGTH workshop!

Here’s the deal, both OS and DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training have a core philosophy on movement over muscle, building reflexive strength and stability and a heavy use of x-patterning, midline crossing and contralateral movements. Once you’ve built proficiency with the OS Resets, DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training is perfect way to add resistance to the resets. Dynamic Strength focuses on loading your X! The same reasons that make the Ultimate Sandbag the perfect implement for DVRT are also why it’s excellent for OS too.

An Ultimate Sandbag (USB) is an unbalanced living weight. As you move, the sand will shift inside the USB resulting in no two reps being the same. The dimension of the USB will also have a dramatic effect on how a movement hits your body. Ultimate Sandbags are not balanced like a bar or a kettlebell. The shifting sand and dimension create a high demand on your reflexive strength and stability to achieve a movement. Oh yeah, the USBs are loaded too. USBs come in four sizes and can go anywhere from five to one hundred and fifty pounds. Does that not sound heavy enough for you? Trust me, fifty pounds of Ultimate Sandbag glory feels way heavier than fifty pounds of iron.

The Dynamic Strength Workshop is aimed at anyone ready to take the OS Resets to the next level. In the workshop, we’ll look at different movement patterns, how they relate to Original Strength and how to load and progress them with DVRT.

We’ll take a deep look into:


Vertical Pushing

Horizontal Pushing


Come and join us and learn hands on how to keep progressing you OS training!